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BiDA Alliance, a leading VDC based Digital Fabrication Management Company in Asia Pacific, headquartered in Singapore, Research Center based in Shenzhen, China.

BiDA serves as a third-party providing professional BIM, VDC based digital fabrication management serivces and QTO.


What is VDC?

What is DfMA?

Who is BiDA?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the management of BIM models as well as people and processes in order to achieve explicit project or organizational goals and to improve performance.

VDC is to “Build Twice” first Virtual, and then Real. Essentially, Intensive Collaboration Period (ICP) and Progressive Collaboration Period (PCP) are activities complemented with the VDC framework.

Under VDC framework, the main difference between ICP and traditional coordination is that issues are raised, resolved, and updated within the ShareBIM Cloud Platform in as much as possible during each ICP session.

DfMA is a break from tradition. DfMA is the application under the Singapore’s VDC framework.

DfMA is a combination of two methodologies, Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Assembly (DfA). Using DfMA, our client can prevent, detect, quantify and eliminate waste and manufacturing inefficiency within a product design.

With DfMA, our Design and Manufacturing Engineers work together with BIM detailer as a team in developing the product’s manufacturing and assembly methods simultaneously with the design. 

BiDA is established in the early 00s, we are services provider for BIM and VDC based digital fabrication management and QTO. Ever since BiDA was established, we have worked closely with numerous leading fabrication and production factories in all over China, especially in the GHM Greater Bay Area to provide unique DfMA service.

We have assisted numerous factories through their digital transformations and integrated our management system with theirs to allow not only us but also our clients to have complete transparency over project management.


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